Hi, My name is Wayland Steinhour. I’m a freelance Writer, Poet, Photographer, Website Designer and do various other works. Writing has always been one of my strongest passions in life. I write about various topics, and events. I first started writing poetry and music back in 2002 when I was 13 years old. In 2005 I began to expand my writing of poetry to articles based on subjects of my interests such as Traveling, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Music, Concerts, Paranormal, Website Designing, Movies, and much more. I’ve had publishings posted throughout the internet and recently decided it was time to create my own blog where I could place all of my content.

My goal with having this blog is to share my work with others who will enjoy what I’ve created, Share my views and opinions on various subjects and events and last but not least, share my knowledge with others like how to make music from there own personal computer and much more. I’ll never put a limit as to what my blog will offer as new and exciting things can arrive at any time. I’m always seeking to expand my knowledge and understanding of the things that I have a passion for.  I’ll never write about something that I know nothing about and claim to be an expert. All of my publishing are clearly my views and opinions unless stated otherwise.

I’m always willing to communicate with those who have questions, are interested in similar activities as myself or like to read what I have to offer to the internet community. If you would like to contact me outside of Word Press, please email me at the following address with the subject including Word Press. WaylandSteinhour@yahoo.com.