Reality on Paid Surveys

Posted: August 29, 2010 in Guides/How To, Money

You see them all over the internet. Make $5,000.00 a week taking online surveys! Maybe your hard up for money and you look into this advertisement. You waste 30 minutes of your time reading their sales pitch and find out they want you to pay them to make you money. Throw the red flag out now! Don’t even bother wasting your time and money.

To many people fall for these scams and after a while think that no one will pay for online surveys. This is not true. The key to success is to look deep into every program you find. A true online survey taking program on the internet will not ask you to pay them for their service. Well then what is a legit online survey company you may ask. I’ve looked into many of these and like most I got frustrated until I found a couple survey groups that are real.
This website is a good start. They won’t charge you for their service. They won’t say you will make thousands a week or month. They email you with survey opportunities and in order to take the survey you have to take a brief questionnaire which will determine if your right for that specific survey. You don’t have to test products and spend your money. It’s clearly your opinion! On average you will make at least 1-2 bucks a survey or more! Today I just made $5.50 taking two simple surveys that took me about 15 minutes. You can’t make a living off this. You fill in profiles which will help them send surveys that are better fit for your opinion. I’m very happy with this service and on average I receive about 1-4 surveys every few days. Sometimes you will find you will be declined taking a survey quite frequently but don’t let it aggravate you. Try it. It’s free and not hard. Just a few minutes at a time can make you anywhere from $1.00-$5.00. It’s that easy.

Along with Opinion Outpost, there are more programs out there just like them. is another good one that pays quite well but the catch with them is you will need a credit card for a majority of their surveys and it will require you to look at websites, products and programs. But with them you can make anywhere from $2.00-$12.00 or more each survey and most are not more then 10-20 minutes.
You have to keep a good eye out for these programs and the more programs you sign up with, the more surveys you will take and the more money you can accumulate! To make even close to a living doing this though, I’m going to say it’s not going to happen in a few months. It could take over a year or more to even come close to making a living off of online surveys. You will have to go out there and look yourself and remember keep your guard up and never give a company your credit card number when you are the one trying to make the money. Good luck and happy survey taking!

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